Growing rice at the navel of alum area

Dan Viet - At the navel of alum area – Dong Thap Muoi, 85 farmer households in My Thanh Dong (Duc Hue, Long An) are eager to harvest rice field applied Global GAP. Farmers are glad because of high productivity and high selling price....(detail)


ITA-RICE supports arts performance program to pay tribute to martyrs

On July 24, at the Hanoi Opera House, the Vietnam Martyr Families Support Association, the Vietnam People’s Army General Political Department, the Vietnam Television and the Vietnam National ...(detail)


Ben Luc Delegation visited Global G.A.P rice fields in Duc Hue

July 31th, Ben Luc delegation including leader of agriculture sector, People Committee, associations and farmers; Duc Hue agriculture sector, Duc Hue representative farmers who join in Global G.A.P project; ITA RICE's leader and staff visited rice fields which are applied Global G.A.P in My Thanh Dong, Duc Hue...(detail)


Solution for farmers to overcome poor: Purchasing rice for shares

vnexpress.net - Prof. Xuan Tong Vo spends his all life for agricultural research, rice field and Cuu Long river delta resident's life. ...(detail)


Thank to Global GAP farmers become rich

Although rice is the major plant in the Cuu Long River Delta, farmer's income from the too small average area per household is very low...(detail)


More rice fields are certified Global GAP.

tuoitre.vn - Itarice Research & Export Fragrant Rice Corporation was certified Good Agricultural Practice for rice project in Long An....(detail)


Prof. Xuan Tong Vo: Rice for exporting must have trade mark

Prof. Xuan's beautiful, comfortable house and office is in Tan Tao University campus where he is provost....(detail)


Vietnamese rice own a trade mark - Global GAP

SGTT.VN - Itarice Research & Export Fragrant Rice Corporation(ITA RICE) was certified Global ...(detail)


Applying Global GAP for exported rice in Long An

Winter-Spring crop 2011-2012, ITA-RICE Company (Tan Tao group) carried out 60,3 ha clean rice field ...(detail)


Creating Global GAP fragrant rice trade mark

baodientu.chinhphu.vn - According to Prof. Xuan Tong Vo , Tan Tao Group is now creating trade mark for ITA- RICE with fragrant rice product which is applied Global GAP criteria....(detail)


Establishing Itarice Research & Export Fragrant Rice Coporation

May 10th Itarice Research & Export Fragrant Rice Corporation was established...(detail)


Rice production has GAP benefits both ways

Rice production has GAP benefits both ways...(detail)


Farmers become shareholders

Spending his all life for rice in Cuu Long rice delta, Prof. Xuan asserted that...(detail)



1/- What is GAP?

GGAP is Good Agricultural Practices. "Good" means safe, clean, high quality, applying a global standard which was first used in 1997 by Euro-Retailer Produce Working Group; It's first name was EurepGAP and now is Global G.A.P.

Global G.A.P is general trend of our social development; It contributes to health and enviroment protection. Global GAP includes five criteria.

- Enviromental protection
- Safety for workers.
- Food safety for customers .
- Stable output for farmers
- Easily to find the origin of product when being needed.

2/- The matters of concern in GlobalGAP

- The fields must be next to each other.
- Being full of clean water and infrastructure such as: toilets, storage of pesticides, pesticides collection ...
- Production follows the instructions for high yield and quality.

3/- The implementation of the project:

ITA RICE's goal is exporting rice to US and European market; The project which was caried out on 4 districts of Long An province: Duc Hue, Duc Hoa, Thu Thua, Ben Luc has a great support from Prof. Vo Tong Xuan.

To implement the project, we must follow processes which include 02 levels:

    Document procedures level 1-2
    Document procedure level 3

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